Weekly Watching

Another week of watching movies has gone by, which movies did you watch?

Monday: I watched Bad Girl and The Bye Bye Man at the Cinema.


The Bye Bye Man


Tuesday: I watched A Man called Ove and The Smiling Man. I rewatched 100 Tears.

Wednesday: I watched Manchester by the Sea and Deadly Virtues: Love. Honour. Obey. I rewatched the French shortfilm The Clown.


100 Tears


Thursday: I did not watch anything because I had to prepare lots of things for our short horror film Baby Bock.

Friday: I did not watch anything because we filmed Baby Bock all day and evening.


Behind The Scenes of me on the set of Baby Bock


Saturday: I did not watch anything because I went away for the weekend.

Sunday: I only watched tv-shows.

Tv-series: I finished watching Supergirl season 1.


Baby Bock

Tomorrow me and my crew from Bloody Fierce Productions will film our new horror short which is called ”Baby Bock”. It will be a fun and bloody short film and it is written by me and Jasmine Martinez. Andres R Ramos will be the cinematographer.

Me and Jasmine will also be playing the main characters and there will be a special appearance by actor Xander Turian. I can’t say too much about it at this point, but I hope that I will have a few behind the scenes pictures to share with you.


Like our fb-page for Bloody Fierce Productions, we post a lot of info, videos and pictures from our Projects.


The Hitcher (1986)

the_hitcherAs a screenplay writer I enjoy movies with a good script and that is the main reason I recommend every one to watch The Hitcher.

The HitcherA young man who escaped the clutches of a murderous hitch-hiker is subsequently stalked by the hitcher and framed for his crimes.

As I mentioned before the script and the dialogue is excellent. My favorite part is the first conversation between Rutger Hauer and C. Thomas Howell in the car, where everything goes from pretty normal to very intense very quickly. It is one special line in that scene that changes the entire mood of the film and it is done in a brilliant way.

The film never loses its tension and the acting is very good, Hauer plays his part perfectly.  I have to rewatch The Hitcher soon, because it has been a few years since I saw it.

Grading: 8/10