”Stranger Danger” Chapter 3 – Someone’s missing


Stranger is still looking down at the floor.
– How many have you killed? – I ask.
Stranger takes a deep breath.
– I don’t know.. – He says.
I could sense that he just told me a lie, but I did not want to adress it. Stranger gets up and walks towards the door. He stops, turns around slowly and looks at me.
– I think you should get some sleep. – He says.
He turns away again, opens the door and closes it behind him. I am laying in my bed and looking up at the grey ceiling.

I close my eyes and try to sleep, but as soon as I close my eyes I get these horrible images of a strange male face and I also see some blood. I see someone else, but I can’t make out who it is and I also hear screaming. I can’t bare this anymore and I open my eyes. I feel my forehead and it is very sweaty. Something suddenly catches my eye and I turn my head to see what it is. I see something shiny in a corner and I get up from the bed and walk towards the shiny object. I reach it and I see that it is a mirror. I haven’t seen myself since Stranger found me and I can feel my body tremble at the thought of seeing myself again. I decide to pick up the mirror, which is quite big and I put it directly infront of me, while keeping my eyes closed. After a moment I open one eye and I immediately open the other, because what I’m seeing is not pretty.

I have three long cuts on my left cheek and lots of smaller ones on my right one. My nose looks swollen and it is probably broken and my right eye has huge bruising surrounding it. My lip also has a cut and is swollen. I open my mouth to see if any teeth are missing, but luckily I still got them all, but I did not think that I looked this bad. In a way I am glad that I don’t remember what happened to me, because it must have been pretty brutal if it left me looking like this, but I really wish that I knew who did this to me. I look down at my stomach and see a big scar and I suddenly remember. I drop the mirror and it breaks as it hits the floor. I feel light headed and I also fall down to the floor, while screaming. Stranger opens the door and runs to me.
– What is it? – He asks.
I look at him with tears running down my face.
– Five days ago I was seven months pregnant. – I say to him.


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