Stranger Danger Chapter 6 – ”Best Burger”


I am sitting alone at the table and waiting for my burger. My stomach is growling, but I am also thinking about Stranger and that Asian business man. It has been a while since he walked into the bathroom and I do begin to worry a bit. I see the tall waiter coming out with two burgers and I do hope those are ours. The waiter brings the food over to my table and puts the plates down without even looking at me. He quickly walks away and I do wonder what his problem with me is. My burger looks juicy with a creamy sauce, lettuce, cheese, bacon, chicken and crispy buns. I pick it up and take a huge bite and it feels like I am having an orgasm in my mouth. I take another bite and it is so delicious. Suddenly I hear a noise from the bathroom and I decide to see what is going on.

I take my burger with me and I walk slowly towards the bathroom door. I am standing infront of the door with my ear against it and I do hear heavy breathing. I open the door and see the Asian man holding a knife against Stranger’s throat. They are both bloody and have bruises on their faces. The left eye on the Asian man’s face is hanging outside of it’s eye socket and I can also see a part of an intestine coming out of a wound on the Asian man’s stomach. I throw my burger at the Asian man and it hits him in the face, which makes him drop his knife. Stranger grabs a hold of the man’s face and smashes the back of his head against the wall several time. Each time there is more and more blood and brains coming out. Even though this makes me feel nauseas I can not look away. The Asian man falls down to the floor dead and Stranger looks at me.

– I am so sorry, I was just a bit worried.. – I say.
Stranger smiles.
– Thank you. – He says.
I am suprised to see him smile.
– For what? – I ask him.
– Let’s just get back to our table. – He replies.
We both walk towards our table and I see the tall waiter is walking toward the bathroom wearing a red apron and he has a mop in his hands. The waiter nods at Stranger as he walks by us. We sit down at our table and I look at Stranger’s burger that looks just as tasty as mine did.
– Here, you take it. – Stranger says.
He gives me the burger.
– I’m not hungry. – He says.
I pick up his burger.
– Are you sure? – I ask him.
Stranger nods and I begin to devour his burger.

Stranger Danger Chapter 5 – ”Getting Dinner”


I am feeling very confused, but having Stranger here makes me feel safe, but I do have many questions. How many people has he killed? Who was his first victim? Who will he kill next? But I know that it is too early for me to ask him these question, because I know that I will not get the answers that I seek. I look at Stranger, while my stomach is growling.
– I am hungry. – I say.
This is the first time in days that I’ve felt any kind of hunger.
– Do you feel strong enough to go out and get some dinner? – He asks.
I would almost kill someone for some food right now.
– Yes. – I say.
– I’ll get you some new clotches. – He says.
He gets up from the bed and walks to a closet, which he opens. He pulls out some clothes, walks back to the bed and gives them to me.
– These should fit you. – He says.
I look at the black pair of jeans and the dark blue sweater, who does these belong to?
– Thank you. – I say.
– I’ll let you get dressed and then we’ll meet out front in 10 minutes. – Stranger says.
Stranger gets up and leaves. I remove my dirty white tank top and put on the clothes that he gave me.

We are now outside his house and this is the first time in days that I am breathing fresh air and it feels very good. We get into his car and Stranger is very quiet and focused while he is driving us to the restaurant. He never even looks at me during the drive. We arrive at our destination and get out of the car. I see the restaurant with the sign, Best Burgers and a burger sounds so delicious right now. He walks into the restaurant and I follow. There are a few people sitting at the tables and we walk over to an empty booth. A very tall waiter walks over and greets Stranger, he looks at me with an emotionless face and doesn’t say anything.
– The usual? – The waiter asks.
– Yes, for the both of us. – Stranger replies.
I look around and this place feels very cozy and comfortable, the booths are red and the tables are see through. An Asian man, in his late twenties, in a black suit with a purple shirt walks past us, heading for the restroom. Stranger suddenly looks at me.
– I’ll be right back. – He says.
Stranger gets up and follows the man and all I am thinking about is my burger.

Stranger Danger Chapter 4 – ”A taste of death”


This is the first time since meeting Stranger that I’ve seen him look a bit horrified. He grabs my hand and pulls me up from the floor. We walk over towards the bed and we both sit down on it.
– I’ve been seeing these strange images whenever I close my eyes. – I say.
– What have you been seeing? – He asks me.
– I am not sure. – I answer.
He looks at me with a very serious look in his eyes.
– You have to remember. – He says.
– What do you mean? – I ask him.
– You have to close your eyes and really try to focus on whatever comes up. – He says.
This makes me very afraid and it makes me feel very uncomfortable.
– I don’t want to. – I say.
– You have to. – He says.
– Just try and if it gets to intense, I’ll wake you up. – Stranger says.
I look at him and I decide that I can trust him, he did save me and if this is something that will help make things clearer about what happened to me then it is worth it.

I close my eyes and after a few moments an image pops up. I try focusing on what it is I am seeing. I see a man with a meat butcher knife in his hand. He is in his thirties with dark, dirty and wet hair, it could be grease, but I am not sure. His hand is raised and I see another person that is laying on the ground. I think it is a female, but I can’t see her clearly. There is a lot of blood all around the two of them and I see him stabbing her in the stomach with the butcher knife. He puts the knife down and pulls out her intestines. I can hear her screaming, but I am to afraid to even make a sound. The man has the intestines in his hands and suddenly he turns around and looks at me. He walks towards me and forces the intestines in my mouth. I try to scream and my body is squirming. The taste and texture is disgusting and I can feel tears running down my cheeks. The man is laughing while he keeps feeding me the intestines. I see him say something, but I can’t hear it and then I wake up.

I am covered in sweat and Stranger is looking at me.
– What did you see? – He asks.
– I saw a man. – I answer.
– What was he doing? – He asks.
I am trying to Catch my breath.
– He..He was killing a woman. – I answer.
– Do you know the man? – Stranger asks.
– No, I don’t think so. I am afraid. – I say.
– Of what? – Stranger asks.
– Of what I will see next time. – I answer.
– I’ll be here. – Stranger says.
I can still taste those intestines in my mouth and I am taking deep breaths to calm down. I am thinking about that man and who he might be. I wonder, did he have anything to do with what happened to me?

”Stranger Danger” Chapter 3 – Someone’s missing


Stranger is still looking down at the floor.
– How many have you killed? – I ask.
Stranger takes a deep breath.
– I don’t know.. – He says.
I could sense that he just told me a lie, but I did not want to adress it. Stranger gets up and walks towards the door. He stops, turns around slowly and looks at me.
– I think you should get some sleep. – He says.
He turns away again, opens the door and closes it behind him. I am laying in my bed and looking up at the grey ceiling.

I close my eyes and try to sleep, but as soon as I close my eyes I get these horrible images of a strange male face and I also see some blood. I see someone else, but I can’t make out who it is and I also hear screaming. I can’t bare this anymore and I open my eyes. I feel my forehead and it is very sweaty. Something suddenly catches my eye and I turn my head to see what it is. I see something shiny in a corner and I get up from the bed and walk towards the shiny object. I reach it and I see that it is a mirror. I haven’t seen myself since Stranger found me and I can feel my body tremble at the thought of seeing myself again. I decide to pick up the mirror, which is quite big and I put it directly infront of me, while keeping my eyes closed. After a moment I open one eye and I immediately open the other, because what I’m seeing is not pretty.

I have three long cuts on my left cheek and lots of smaller ones on my right one. My nose looks swollen and it is probably broken and my right eye has huge bruising surrounding it. My lip also has a cut and is swollen. I open my mouth to see if any teeth are missing, but luckily I still got them all, but I did not think that I looked this bad. In a way I am glad that I don’t remember what happened to me, because it must have been pretty brutal if it left me looking like this, but I really wish that I knew who did this to me. I look down at my stomach and see a big scar and I suddenly remember. I drop the mirror and it breaks as it hits the floor. I feel light headed and I also fall down to the floor, while screaming. Stranger opens the door and runs to me.
– What is it? – He asks.
I look at him with tears running down my face.
– Five days ago I was seven months pregnant. – I say to him.

”Stranger Danger” Chapter 2 – A Stranger’s story


I look at Stranger as he sits down on a chair. He isn’t even looking at me, but has his eyes glued to the floor.
– I kill people. – He says.
He begins telling me about the man he payed a visit to tonight. The man was named Sumi and was staying at a cheap dirty motel, probably the closest one to Stranger’s home. Stranger had managed to snuck into Sumi’s hotelroom and was waiting for him patiently in the shower.
– What was so special about Sumi? – I asked.
Stranger tells me all about our new friend Sumi, that he used to lure young women to meet him at these sleazy motelrooms with the promise of work and money and when the women showed up, he would rape and torture them for hours, before desposing of their bodies. Stranger also told me that he has a source that tips him off about the people he kills and after he gets the tip Stranger does his research about the people, learns their routines and what not.

Sumi was expected to meet with whom he believed to be a 17-yeard old girl that evening, but Stranger made sure that she did not show up and is now safe. Sumi entered the room around 1 AM and Stranger could hear him taking of his clothes. Then he heard footsteps leading up to the bathroom and Stranger stood there calm and ready with his knife. Sumi went into the bathroom and opened the door to shower and was shocked to see Stranger standing there with a smile, while Sumi stood there completely naked. Sumi was wearing glasses and Stranger took a step forward and stabbed Sumi in the eye through the glasses.

Sumi fell down screaming and Stranger kneeled down besides him. He could see that some of the glass had gotten into the bloodied eye of Sumi and pressed down his own thumb into the eyesocket. Stranger felt hus thumb being surrounded by blood, glass and eye juice. Stranger then stabbed him in the other eye and made sure that the penetration was deep enough to kill Sumi.
– How long have you been a hitman? – I asked him.
Stranger’s gaze was still glued to the floor.
– Ten years, my first kill was when I was about 25. – He answered.
I also asked him about his first kill, but he said that story is best saved for later. I became both scared and fascinated while listening to Stranger’s story, but I knew that he was not going to kill me.

”Stranger Danger” Chapter 1 – The one who got away

I recently decided to post one of my fictional horror stories ”Stranger Danger” on my blog. I will post one chapter at a time and it will be like following a TV-show, but in Writing. I promise that it will be bloody, nasty and wicked. Here is the first chapter called ”The one who got away” and you are all welcome to follow the ride.

I open my  eyes and I can see that I am in a room in which I’ve never been in before. I am laying in a bed and my body is aching. I try to get up, but  I can feel a sharp pain going through my body and I gather all my strength to sit up. I back up all the way so that I have my back against the wall. My face is hurting and I touch my lip and look down at my fingers and see blood. I look around in the bed to discover more blood stains and the room is very dark. I hear a sound coming from the door and turn my head towards it with fear in my eyes.

The door opens and a man about thirty years old walks in. He is  tall, has dirty blonde hair and is hugely build. He is wearing a white shirt with black jeans and black boots. He looks at me and I look into his bright blue eyes. His face is very serious and he walks towards me. He walks over to a chair and sits down.
‘’Why am I here?’’ I ask him.
He takes a moment before he answers me and looks me in the eyes.
‘’I found you unconscious and bleeding in a ditch and I brought you here.’’
I look at him with a surprised look on my face.
‘’ What happened to you?’’  He
I try to think about what happened, but I can’t remember anything.
‘’I don’t know’’ I answer with a disappointed voice.

He looks at my face and body.
‘’ Who are you?’’ I ask him.
‘’ That is not important. What is important is that you get to rest and get your strength back.’’  He replies.
Well I will call you stranger for now, I think to myself. He isn’t even looking at me anymore and has turned his face away from me.
‘’I have to go, but I will be back in a few hours. You can stay with me until you will feel better.’’ he says.
He gets up, walks towards the door and turns his head towards me.
” What is your name?” He asks me.
I take a few seconds to gather my thoughts about who I am.
” Evelina, but you can call me Eve.”
 opens the door and closes it behind him. I am very confused by the situation and something seems of. What if he is the one who did this to me? I look down at my bruised body. I get up and walk towards the window. All I see is a forest when I look through it. I can’t see a living soul out and I can’t hear anything.  Suddenly my legs go numb and I fall down to the floor. Suddenly I see an image of someone squeezing an eyeball until it breaks and the eye juice pours down the person’s hand. My eyes are tired and after a few seconds everything goes black.

I hear the door closing and I open my eyes, stranger is back. I am shocked to see that his white shirt is  covered in blood. He seems to not care that I have noticed his bloody clothes and he picks me up in his arms. He walks me towards the bed and gently puts me down.
‘’ Why are your clothes covered in blood?’’  I ask him.
He doesn’t look at me.
‘’ What did you do?’’  I ask.
He sits down on the chair and looks at me.
‘’ Let me introduce myself, the real me.’’ Stranger says.

Weekly Watching

Another week of watching movies has gone by, which movies did you watch?

Monday: I watched Bad Girl and The Bye Bye Man at the Cinema.


The Bye Bye Man


Tuesday: I watched A Man called Ove and The Smiling Man. I rewatched 100 Tears.

Wednesday: I watched Manchester by the Sea and Deadly Virtues: Love. Honour. Obey. I rewatched the French shortfilm The Clown.


100 Tears


Thursday: I did not watch anything because I had to prepare lots of things for our short horror film Baby Bock.

Friday: I did not watch anything because we filmed Baby Bock all day and evening.


Behind The Scenes of me on the set of Baby Bock


Saturday: I did not watch anything because I went away for the weekend.

Sunday: I only watched tv-shows.

Tv-series: I finished watching Supergirl season 1.

Baby Bock

Tomorrow me and my crew from Bloody Fierce Productions will film our new horror short which is called ”Baby Bock”. It will be a fun and bloody short film and it is written by me and Jasmine Martinez. Andres R Ramos will be the cinematographer.

Me and Jasmine will also be playing the main characters and there will be a special appearance by actor Xander Turian. I can’t say too much about it at this point, but I hope that I will have a few behind the scenes pictures to share with you.


Like our fb-page for Bloody Fierce Productions, we post a lot of info, videos and pictures from our Projects.


The Hitcher (1986)

the_hitcherAs a screenplay writer I enjoy movies with a good script and that is the main reason I recommend every one to watch The Hitcher.

The HitcherA young man who escaped the clutches of a murderous hitch-hiker is subsequently stalked by the hitcher and framed for his crimes.

As I mentioned before the script and the dialogue is excellent. My favorite part is the first conversation between Rutger Hauer and C. Thomas Howell in the car, where everything goes from pretty normal to very intense very quickly. It is one special line in that scene that changes the entire mood of the film and it is done in a brilliant way.

The film never loses its tension and the acting is very good, Hauer plays his part perfectly.  I have to rewatch The Hitcher soon, because it has been a few years since I saw it.

Grading: 8/10


Beware the Slenderman (2016)

Beware_the_slenderman_poster.jpgI have always been a bit fascinated by Slenderman and when I aeard about the horrible crime where 12-year old girls stabbed another girl because ”Slenderman told them to”, I knew I wanted to find out more about this case and that is why I saw this documentary.

Beware the Slenderman: Tells the story of two 12-year old girls, who attempted to murder one of their friends in an attempt to appease Slenderman, a fictional monster from a horror website. 

Beware the Slenderman is a good documentary which both focuses on the perpetrators and about the story of Slenderman. The only complaint that I have is that I would have wished to hear more from the victim, but maybe that was not a possibility, but that would have been very interesting. The interviews with the girls was very fascinating and horrific.

I did like the fact that they researched a lot about Slenderman and took time to present this fictional character, instead of just briefly mentioning him in a sentence or two.

Grading: 7/10