Baby Bock

Tomorrow me and my crew from Bloody Fierce Productions will film our new horror short which is called ”Baby Bock”. It will be a fun and bloody short film and it is written by me and Jasmine Martinez. Andres R Ramos will be the cinematographer.

Me and Jasmine will also be playing the main characters and there will be a special appearance by actor Xander Turian. I can’t say too much about it at this point, but I hope that I will have a few behind the scenes pictures to share with you.


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Sargad (Wounded) Bluray and DVD pre-order

I have been busy with my indie horror Sargad (Wounded). We have put out a new trailer, a new poster and now our kickstarter for pre-ordering the movie on DVD or Bluray is up. You can also pre-order a signed poster. Evert order will be filled with extra goodies and everything will ofcourse be signed by the cast and crew.

Here is the trailer for Sargad and it has already hit 15 000 views in over a month.

Here is our poster for Sargad. I wrote the screenplay for the film and I play the Main character Elina.

Rue Morgue did an interview with Me about Sargad and if you want to know more about the movie, you can Read the interview here.


I couple of days ago Me and actor Xander Turian, who plays Oliver in Sargad went to a filmfestival in Sweden, where we signed posters for Sargad and they showed our trailer.




Pre-order your limited signed copy of Sargad today because the prices will go up after our kickstarter has ended.