”Stranger Danger” Chapter 2 – A Stranger’s story


I look at Stranger as he sits down on a chair. He isn’t even looking at me, but has his eyes glued to the floor.
– I kill people. – He says.
He begins telling me about the man he payed a visit to tonight. The man was named Sumi and was staying at a cheap dirty motel, probably the closest one to Stranger’s home. Stranger had managed to snuck into Sumi’s hotelroom and was waiting for him patiently in the shower.
– What was so special about Sumi? – I asked.
Stranger tells me all about our new friend Sumi, that he used to lure young women to meet him at these sleazy motelrooms with the promise of work and money and when the women showed up, he would rape and torture them for hours, before desposing of their bodies. Stranger also told me that he has a source that tips him off about the people he kills and after he gets the tip Stranger does his research about the people, learns their routines and what not.

Sumi was expected to meet with whom he believed to be a 17-yeard old girl that evening, but Stranger made sure that she did not show up and is now safe. Sumi entered the room around 1 AM and Stranger could hear him taking of his clothes. Then he heard footsteps leading up to the bathroom and Stranger stood there calm and ready with his knife. Sumi went into the bathroom and opened the door to shower and was shocked to see Stranger standing there with a smile, while Sumi stood there completely naked. Sumi was wearing glasses and Stranger took a step forward and stabbed Sumi in the eye through the glasses.

Sumi fell down screaming and Stranger kneeled down besides him. He could see that some of the glass had gotten into the bloodied eye of Sumi and pressed down his own thumb into the eyesocket. Stranger felt hus thumb being surrounded by blood, glass and eye juice. Stranger then stabbed him in the other eye and made sure that the penetration was deep enough to kill Sumi.
– How long have you been a hitman? – I asked him.
Stranger’s gaze was still glued to the floor.
– Ten years, my first kill was when I was about 25. – He answered.
I also asked him about his first kill, but he said that story is best saved for later. I became both scared and fascinated while listening to Stranger’s story, but I knew that he was not going to kill me.


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