Kickstarter projects I have backed – 200 Tears

If you are like me and you love backing indie horror campaigns, you will have to check out the kickstarter for 200 Tears, Gurdy is back!

Here is the description for 200 Tears200 Tears is going to bring a new level of dynamic to the characters that have already been introduced in the first film. Gurdy’s back and meaner than ever! And he’s not the only one. We have some great surprises for the audience, and the fans of the first film. It’s going to be one hell of a ride, and we hope everyone is ready for it! 

I am super excited about this project and I am a backer. Hopefully this project will be fully funded so that they can make this into a mean and nasty film.

It will be directed by – Joe Davison.

Check out the campaign here.