Weekly Watching

Another week of watching movies has gone by, which movies did you watch?

Monday: I watched Bad Girl and The Bye Bye Man at the Cinema.


The Bye Bye Man


Tuesday: I watched A Man called Ove and The Smiling Man. I rewatched 100 Tears.

Wednesday: I watched Manchester by the Sea and Deadly Virtues: Love. Honour. Obey. I rewatched the French shortfilm The Clown.


100 Tears


Thursday: I did not watch anything because I had to prepare lots of things for our short horror film Baby Bock.

Friday: I did not watch anything because we filmed Baby Bock all day and evening.


Behind The Scenes of me on the set of Baby Bock


Saturday: I did not watch anything because I went away for the weekend.

Sunday: I only watched tv-shows.

Tv-series: I finished watching Supergirl season 1.


Weekly Watching

Weekly Watching is back! I hope that I will be able to see even more horror movies next week. Which movies did you watch this week?

Monday: I rewatched The Corpse of Anna Fritz and Nekromantik 2. I finished the day by watching The Girl with all the gift.


The Corpse of Anna Fritz

Tuseday: I watched Trolls & The Boogens.

Wednesday: I watched Her name was Torment.

Thursday: I saw Men behind the Sun & Aftermath.


Nacho Cerda’s Aftermath

Friday: I watched The Hollow Point, Lady Stay Dead & Beware the Slenderman.

Saturday: Today I watched Rabid, Scherzo Diabolico & Night of the Ghouls with my horror group. I finished watching Loons when I came home afterwards. I also watched two short films by Jan Svankmajer, Food & Dimensions of Dialogue.


Scherzo Diabolico

Sunday: I saw La La Land at the cinema.

Tv-series: I have only been watching episodes of the first season of Supergirl.

Weekly Watching

Another busy week has gone by, don’t worry I will be blogging more soon.


The House of the Devil

Monday: I rewatched The House of the Devil and Halloween 1978, as I do every Halloween.

Tuesday: I watched Sorority babes in the slimeball bowl-O-rama.

Wednesday: I rewatched A Nightmare on Elm Street.


Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger

Thursday: I was busy filming a short film and then going to my stagefighting course.

Friday: I was working all day and evening.

Saturday: I saw Pedro Almodovar’s Dark Habits.

Sunday: I saw Sebastian Maniscalco: Aren’t you embarrased?


I saw all four season of Episodes this week, it is a really good show!

Weekly Watching – Monsters of Film

I have had an incredibly busy week, filming lots of projects and having no time to blog at all. Last week I went to the Monsters of Film Festival in Stockholm and saw a couple of horror films. I did not see as many as I wanted, but I still got to see some new films.


Wednesday: Swiss Army Man.

Thursday: Short film special, which featured – The Stylist, Speculus, Bionic Girl, Mars IV, The Puppet Man, Madre De Dios, Dawn of the Deaf, Criaturitas and The Fisherman and later that evening I saw Bodom.


Friday: Pet, Rupture and Ares.

Saturday: Trash Fire


Me and Jasmine got to meet the stars from Bodom, Mimosa Willamo and Nelly Hirst-Gee.

Weekly Watching

I watched a lot of bad horror films last week, but hopefully this week will bring good horror because I will be attending the Monsters of Film Festival.


An evil clown in Clowntown.

Monday: I watched Dark, Clowntown and Anarchy Parlor.

Tuesday: I had a lot of meetings so I did not have time to watch anything.

Wednesday: I watched Masterminds at the cinema.

Thursday: I watched Patient Seven and What have they done to your daughters?


Strange things going on in Lifeforce.

Friday: I watched Lifeforce.

Saturday: I watched Ditch Day Massacre, KillerSaurus and Tank Girl.

Sunday: I watched Spun.


Melissa Benoist as Supergirl.

I finished watching iZombie season 2 and continued watching season 4 of Arrow. I also began watching the first season of Supergirl.

Weekly Watching

The month of Halloween is here and I have watched a few horror films, but not as many as I would have liked to.


Monday: I Went to the Cinema and saw Deepwater Horizon.

Tuesday: I saw Vidocq and The Silenced.

Wednesday: I saw Inbred and Friend Request.

Thursday: I saw Blood widow and rewatched Truth or Dare.


Friday: I watched Stardust memories and The Philly Kid.

Saturday: I rewatched A million ways to die in the west and Never Back Down.

Sunday: I rewatched Ghostbusters. I saw the shortfilms Hades and TLMEA. I finished my week by watching Plank Face.


I did not Watch any tv-series this week.

Weekly Watching

This week I have been working a lot and been very tired, but I’ve managed to watch some movies anyway. I did go to the cinema three times this week and that made me very happy.


Jasmine and me, the Bitches of Horror


Monday I was recording lots of stuff for Bitches of Horror, did not have time to see anything this day.

Tuesday I watched Waffle Street.

Wednesday I watched Crazy Heart, Behind blue skies and Manhunt.


Kubo and the two strings


Thursday I went to the cinema and saw Kubo and the two strings and then I saw Love and Lemons.

Friday I saw Donald Trump The Art of the Deal.

Saturday This was my day off and I saw 1920 London, You laugh but it is true, The face of an Angel and On the Road.


Eva Green in Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children

Sunday I went to the cinema twice this day and saw, The Secret life of pets and Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children. I also watched Spiritual Agony and the short film Grand Macabre. I also watched indie horror Meat from 2010. I ended my day by watching This must be the place.


I have not been watching any tv-series this week at all.

Weekly Watching

Ahh it’s sunday and that means another Weekly Watching is up!


Gemma Arterton in Runner, Runner

Monday: I watched Runner, Runner.

Tuesday: I watched a few Swedish films, Åsa-Nisse Welcome to Knohult, Babas cars & White Trash.

Wednesday: I went to a screener and saw the new Blair Witch movie.


Violent kills in Violent Shit

Thursday: I watched Violent Shit the original & The Unlikely Girl.

Friday: I saw The Big Short.

Saturday: I saw Louis C.K’s Hilarious.

Sunday: I watched the Swedish movie Ego and Sorority Slaughterhouse.


Rose McIver as Olivia ‘Liv’ Moore in iZombie

I finished watching the final season of Breaking Bad and I really did like the final episode and the whole series is amazing. I also began watching the second season of iZombie. I also began watching the fourth season of Vikings, I really love Vikings.

Weekly Watching

I did watch more horror movies this week and went to the cinema twice, so it has been a pretty good week of watching movies.



Monday: I saw Mike and Dave need wedding dates & Spasmo.

Tuesday: I watched Into the Blue 2 and In the Deep.

Wednesday: I watched The Last Heist.

Thursday: I had no time to watch anything this day.


Sausage party

Friday: I went to the cinema and saw Sausage Party.

Saturday: I went to the cinema and saw Bridget Jones’s baby and then I rewatched Friday the 13th part V.

Sunday: I watched Knucklebones, Bloody Birthday, The Curse of Robert the Doll and Circus of Fear.


American Horror Story season 5

I started watching season 5 of American Horror Story, which I really like, I hope to finish season 5 next week. I am really looking forward to season 6.

Weekly Watching

I did not watch much horror this week and I was a bit shocked when I saw how few horror films I’ve watched this week. I will watch more horror movies next week.


Monday: Ice Age 5 & Chaw.

Tuesday: Short film The Pig Child.

Wednesday: Pikachu’s Vacation, The Origin of Mewtwo and Pokémon the first movie,

Thursday: I saw Peanuts the movie.


Friday: I went to the cinema twice and saw Florence Foster Jenkins & The Shallows.

Saturday: I had a movie night consisting of Black Sheep, White god, Fröken Sverige (Miss Sweden), Green Street Hooligans, Green Street Hooligans 2 and Blondie.

Sunday: Today I did not find time to watch anything.

Tv-series: I finished watching season 7 of Sons of Anarchy. I also finished season 1 of Pokémon. I began watching the first season of Better Call Saul.