Weekly Watching

Ahh it’s sunday and that means another Weekly Watching is up!


Gemma Arterton in Runner, Runner

Monday: I watched Runner, Runner.

Tuesday: I watched a few Swedish films, Åsa-Nisse Welcome to Knohult, Babas cars & White Trash.

Wednesday: I went to a screener and saw the new Blair Witch movie.


Violent kills in Violent Shit

Thursday: I watched Violent Shit the original & The Unlikely Girl.

Friday: I saw The Big Short.

Saturday: I saw Louis C.K’s Hilarious.

Sunday: I watched the Swedish movie Ego and Sorority Slaughterhouse.


Rose McIver as Olivia ‘Liv’ Moore in iZombie

I finished watching the final season of Breaking Bad and I really did like the final episode and the whole series is amazing. I also began watching the second season of iZombie. I also began watching the fourth season of Vikings, I really love Vikings.

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