Weekly Watching

I did not watch much horror this week and I was a bit shocked when I saw how few horror films I’ve watched this week. I will watch more horror movies next week.


Monday: Ice Age 5 & Chaw.

Tuesday: Short film The Pig Child.

Wednesday: Pikachu’s Vacation, The Origin of Mewtwo and Pokémon the first movie,

Thursday: I saw Peanuts the movie.


Friday: I went to the cinema twice and saw Florence Foster Jenkins & The Shallows.

Saturday: I had a movie night consisting of Black Sheep, White god, Fröken Sverige (Miss Sweden), Green Street Hooligans, Green Street Hooligans 2 and Blondie.

Sunday: Today I did not find time to watch anything.

Tv-series: I finished watching season 7 of Sons of Anarchy. I also finished season 1 of Pokémon. I began watching the first season of Better Call Saul.

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