Movies that I used to watch with my dad

As you may all know, my dad meant everything to me and when he died in 1999 I was just heartbrokened without any reason to live. 17 years later and the pain is less hurtfull, but I still feel much anxiety at night and this night was a rough one. I couldn’t sleep and I missed my dad a lot, but I thought that I would write a post about a few movies he and I usually watched together, not all horror, but still movies.


Jurassic Park – We always used to laugh at the toilet scene where the T-rex gobbles down on his meal after finding him hiding in a toilet.

The Police Academy – I used to sit in my dad’s lap and watch this funny movie together with him.


Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice – I have seen Beetlejuice atleast 50 times, I would always put it on before going to school every morning and sing my little heart out to the words ‘Eeeeeyoo Eeeeeeyo’.

People always say that time heals all wounds, but I do not find that true, sure the wounds might get a bit smaller, but the pain is always there and some days are harder than others. At least I am going to the cinema later to see The Shallows, but sadly no one is able to watch it with me and I really need someone today, being alone feels horrible today, because I still feel the anxiety from last night.




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