Torment (2013)

torment1I really like the home invasion subgenre and Torment is another solid film home invasion film.

TormentTwo parents find themselves fighting to get their little boy back from a sadistic cult, who have stolen him and plan on dark ideas.

I like home invasion movies, with the original Funny Games being one of my favorites. Torment has characters that I cared about, with real issues that made it so sad when anything bad happened to them. This film was intense from the start to the finish, but the main issue that I had with this movie was the lenght. It is too short and adding another 20 minutes would have done great wonders for this film.

I wanted the invasion to be longer and I wanted a lot more things explained. The nice thing about this one is that it sets up for a sequel and hopefully that one will be longer. One more thing that was cool about this film was the masks, they where creepy and original.

Grading: 7 out of 10.


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