Weekly Watching

I have watched mostly tv-series this week, because I have a lot of series to catch up on, but I am hoping to be able to watch more movies next week.


The Incredible 2-headed transplant

Monday: I watched Money Monster after being at the gym in the morning and then I watched The Incredible 2-headed transplant.

Tuesday: I watched Sinister Squad and rewatched Meet the feebles. I also watched two short films Behind the cross and Killer Kart. I ended the day by rewatching Friday the 13th part 4.


Christine Alicia Rodriguez in Killer Kart

Wednesday: I recorded 3 episodes of Bitches of Horror, meet a friend and then worked a night shift so I did not have time to watch anything.

Thursday: I watched Teke Teke and Teke Teke 2, both equally bad.

Friday: I watched Morituris, The Ones Below and rewatched Attack of the killer tomatoes.


Clémence Poésy in The Ones Below

Saturday: I only managed to watch one film, Scare Campaign because I had other things to do.

Sunday: I watched Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy today and rested before working a nightshift.


Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy

Tv-series: I finished watching season 1 of The Flash and began watching season 2. I finished watching season 3 & 4 of Breaking Bad and began watching season 5. I am currently also watching season 5 of Sons of Anarchy, hoping to get through the series next week.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Watching

  1. I saw two films I didn’t expect to be much but turned out to be great films. The first was The Good Dinosaur, and the other was Inside Out. I was pleasantly surprised by both.

    In terms of tv series, I finished rewatching season 1 of Archer and also continued watching season 1 of Jessica Jones, which is really shaping up to be an excellent show! Oh and while at still at the In laws this morning I rewatched the original Karate Kid.

    Still a classic, and never gets old (in my humble opinion).

    Breaking Bad is one of my favorite all time series. I was very impressed with the writing, acting, and overall character development and arcs of all characters in the series.

    Cheers! ^_^


      • Jesse is an excellent character! I know when my wife and I first watched the series, we were just as intrigued by his arc as a character. I mean, throughout the series you see him change quite a bit. You wind up rooting for him in a lot of ways.

        Plus he is pretty much comedy gold! Xp


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