Weekly Watching

This week I did not have as much time to watch so many movies, I watched a lot more tv-series though.


The Funhouse Massacre

Monday: I started my day by watching Hämnden, The Funhouse Massacre and Blood Orgy of the She-Devils. I then went to the cinema and saw a preview of Nerve.

Tuesday: I watched The Lesson 2016 and then I just watched many episodes from different tv-series.

Wednesday: I watched I know where Lizzie is.

Thursday: I watched a short film called Divided into Zero and then I watched Microwave Massacre.


I know where Lizzie is

Friday: I watched Fellini’s Casanova, Life is cheap and Amateur Night.

Saturday: I saw A monster with a thousand heads and rewatched Street Trash.


That’s not breast milk in Street Trash

Sunday: Today I only watched a lot of episode of Pokemon season 1.

I watched season 1 of Stranger Things. I also finished season 3 of Arrow and started with season 4. I am still on season 3 of Breaking Bad and season 1 of The Flash.

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