The Phantom of the Opera (1998)

phantom1We all know the classic story behind The Phantom of the Opera and it has been done in many versions and even Dario Argento did a take on it.

The Phantom of the OperaGory remake of the Gaston Leroux classic story, only this time, the phantom is not disfigured, but a man who was raised by rats deep under the Paris Opera House.

The stunning Asia Argento has the leading role in this one and I like her, so that was a good thing, but this one is not as powerful as other versions of Phantom of the Opera. Argento’s version sticks to the classic story and adds a bit more gore into it, but I wish that it would stick out even more.

I do like the second half of the film better than the first half, but I really wish that it had been more twisted and sinister. This is one of Argento’s weaker movies, but I still did enjoy it.

Grading: 6 out of 10


2 thoughts on “The Phantom of the Opera (1998)

  1. Eeeaaargghhhhh…haha! I always love that sound at the beginning of the vids you two make! Xp

    Sorry if I haven’t had the time to reply here or watch as many vids on the YT channel as of late. I will attempt to make up for that in the near future.

    Great review!

    Cheers! ^_^


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