The story behind: Saló 120 days of Sodom (1975)

I will try out this new category of choosing a film in my collection and write about what was going on in my life at that particular time and what type of story is behind the film in question. So this will not be a review, but it will get personal. The first film in this category will be Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Saló, 120 days of Sodom.


I remember reading about Saló, 120 days of Sodom for years before watching it. It was the first week in september and I was 16 years old, about to turn 17 in two and half months. I was feeling kinda down, still struggling with my father’s passing 7 years earlier and I remember feeling even more down than usual that week and I needed something special to get me through the week.


That is why I decided to order Saló on dvd and I was so excited when it finally arrived. I watched it 5 times that week, because I had to watch it with my mom, with friends and that movie helped me get me through that rough week in the fall of 2006. I later bought the film on bluray.


2 thoughts on “The story behind: Saló 120 days of Sodom (1975)

  1. […] I enjoyed Mother of Tears and it is mostly due to the death scenes. The gore in this one delivered and the first scene was great and quite nasty. I have rewatched this a few times and there is a personal story behind buying this film for me, but I’ll save that story for the category: The Story Behind. […]


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