Weekly Watching

Another week of watching movies and tv-series has come to an end.

Monday: I started my week by watching The Witch with Jasmine. Then I watched Viral 2016 and ended the day by watching Darling.


Lauren Ashley Carter in Darling.

Tuesday: I started my  day by watching The Jungle Book 2016. Then I watched Summer Camp and ended my day by watching Rebirth. I also worked 14 hours this day.

Wednesday: I started my wednesday by going to the cinema and watching Suicide Squad. Then I went home and watched Maggie’s plan and Shelley before going to work (working a nightshift).


Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.

Thursday: I watched Mechanix and then I came home from work. Had lots of things to do today so I only managed to watch one more film, rewatched Night of the Comet.

Friday: I started my day by watching the short film Shuen. I also rewatched Friday the 13th and Deathproof.


Jeannine Taylor in Friday the 13th.

Saturday: I watched the short film, The Laughing Man and I finished my day by rewatching Friday the 13th part 2.

Sunday: I watched Hell and rewatched Friday the 13th part 3.

I finished season 1 and 2 of Arrow and began watching season 3. I also finished season 2 of Breaking Bad and began watching season  3. I am also watching season 2 of Scream and have seen 11 episodes, only one episode left! I also began watching season 1 of Pokemon and I love it!


Pokemon season 1.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Watching

  1. I pretty much watched the rest of Season 1 of House Of Cards! Then I watched some Archer because that always makes me laugh. Did my normal tour of Horror Narration and random vids on You Tube and today I watched another episode of Jessica Jones.

    Have a great new week! ^_^


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