Next Arrow’s that I will buy

Next month I will buy one or two new Arrow editions and I am choosing between these four fantastic movies.


Since Jen & Sylvia Soska are remaking David Cronenberg’s Rabid, I’ve an urge to rewatch the original and the artwork is amazing.


Earlier this year I saw Blood Rage and I absolutely loved it! I might review this film in the blog, because it deserves another fantastic review. I really want to order the one in the middle because of the cover.




I just heard about the release of C.H.U.D on Arrow and wow look at that cover! I haven’t even got this film on dvd. The Mutilator is a slasher that I saw earlier this year and I liked it and I really want to rewatch it again, that tagline is amazing and funny!

As I said I will buy two of these, which ones do you think I should buy? Comment and let me know what you think.



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