Come into Dario Argento’s world

I will review almost every film by my favorite director, Dario Argento. He has done some wonderful things for the horror genre and made fans fall in love with Italian horror movies.


What fascinates me the most with Argento’s movies is the way we leave reality to step into a whole new mysterious world filled with gruesome deathscenes and wonderful plot twists.

I first got in touch with his films when I was 15 and was recommended to watch Suspiria by a friend and after watching it I was hooked. I asked my mom to buy me a collection box with 9 of his movie for my 16th birthday and I got it. I was so thrilled and happy.


All I did after that was to search for every movie that he has had his finger in and buy it. I’ve got a few of his movie on Arrow (forgot to include these two in my Arrow Collection posts), like Tenebrae and Opera and three different editions of Suspiria, as pictured above.

If you’re familiar with his work then you know what to expect from his films, but if you haven’t seen any of his films then I shall prepare you. They are a few things to look for when watching one of his films.


The lighting: it is very artistic and helps build a fantastic but also scary world for our characters.

The Gore: The deathscenes in his movies are creative to say the least. Often they are very brutal and drawn out.

The Story: It can take you anywhere and there will be some plot twists that you will not see coming!

The Music: It is very creative and lifts the horror and intesifies it, especially everytime Goblin is on.

So join me as I dive into the world of the amazing Dario Argento.

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