Weekly watching

Every sunday, I will write about all the movies and tv-series that I have watched throughout the week. I mostly watch horror movies, but I also watch other genres aswell, so I will write about movies and tv-series from all genres.


Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem

Monday: I started out the week by rewatching Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem. After that I watched Dead 7, starring half of the Backstreet Boys and I finished by watching Philomena.

Tuesday: I started my day by watching the funny ABC’s of Superheroes. After that I watched Sharktopus vs Whalewolf and ended with Blue Ruin.

Wednesday: I was sick this day and stayed in bed all day, so I had lots of time to watch movies. I started with the Norwegian movie, Hodejegerna (Headhunter). I then watched Pumping Iron, the Japanesee horror film Okuratu (Occult), Franklyn, Bounty Killer and ended with some action by watching Killer Elite.


Eva Green in Franklyn

Thursday: Even though I was working almost 14 hours this day, I still managed to watch the Swedish movie Till det som är vackert (Pure), Ice Sharks, Ozark Sharks and The Geisha Killer.

Friday: Before going on a weekend getaway, I watched Woody Allen’s Shadow and Fog.

Saturday: I rewatched Epic.

Sunday: I watched the short horror film 3 Versos.

I also began watching the first season of Arrow and the second season of Breaking Bad. So this was a pretty good filmweek, can’t wait to see what movies I will watch next week!


Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston chillin’ in Breaking Bad.

Which movies did you watch this week? Comment and let me know.

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