Miss Zombie (2013)

fhjfgjfj.jpgLooking for a totally different zombie movie? Stop looking and watch Miss Zombie immediately!

Miss ZombieA Japanese family acquires an undead domestic servant who’s presence begins to effect their daily lives.

This Japanese movie is entirely in black and white and that was a very smart move from the filmmakers. This is a very slow movie and quite different from other zombiemovies. Since the movie is very slow paced, the ending is pretty shocking and beautiful.

The perfect words to describe this movie is beautiful and sad. The zombie in this movie is dead, but still human in many ways and that makes the events in Miss Zombie so much more tradig. We follow the zombie’s daily routines with minor changes each day until tragedy happens and everything is turned upside down. This is one of the best zombie movies that I have ever seen.

Grading: 9 out of 10.


2 thoughts on “Miss Zombie (2013)

  1. I love your reviews! So many movies that I have haven’t seen! It is shocking really, considering I watch a TON of horror! I’m adding this one to the list already!

    Great review!

    Cheers! ^_^


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