Stabbed in the face (2004)

face1Stabbed in the face could possibly be worse than Loon, Yes I’ve found a movie that is even worse than Loon, take that Jasmine!

Stabbed in the face: A few friends decide to go to a murder house for a private Halloween party, but suddenly the begin to die one by one.

Even though the movie is pretty short, it should have been even shorter, I think you could have fit everything that was actually good into like thirty seconds or something. Stabbed in the face has the most awkward and badly done sex scene that I’ve ever seen and the dialogue was awful and drawn out.

Almost everything was done very badly and the acting was pretty bad aswell. The story was very typical and the charaters were also really bad and mostly embarrasing.

Grading: 1 out of 10.


2 thoughts on “Stabbed in the face (2004)

  1. *Gasps* Something worse than Loon! 😮 Great review, I love the way you portrayed your disdain for this film. Also hilarious your shout out to your partner in crime about this film. Xp

    Cheers! ^_^


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