Fantacide (2007)

fantacide1Our eighth review comes from episode 3 of Bitches of Horror, where we reviewed Fantacide.

Fantacide: A Nazi cult wreaks havoc in it’s search for a mythical spear, convinced it will bring about the return of the Third Reich.

Jasmine found Fantacide in the horror magazine, Goregasmic. There are few good things in this film, but mainly it was a dissapointment. I get that it was trying to be filled with dark humour, but it just was not funny and I myself love a bit more sinister jokes, so I thought that I would love all the jokes.

The script and the story could have been better with some changes and it was also too long, almost 2 hours that could have easily been cut down by 30 minutes. The gore effects were brilliant and there’s plenty of gore in this one.

Grading: 3 out of 10.


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