My Arrow collection pt 1

I love collecting Arrow editions, they are so beautiful and often come filled with extra goodies, like posters, booklets, pictures etc and I wanted to show you all of my Arrow editions, so here is the first part.



I remember buying the Arrow edition of Battle Royale at a Science Fiction Convention in Stockholm many many years ago and it was so expensive, but it was also my first Arrow! It came with a lot of goodies and I am so proud to have this in my collection.


Well Deadly Outlaw Rekka isn’t a horror film, but it is pretty brutal anyway and you can never go wrong with a Takashi Miike film.


Deadly Spawn, such a fun and bloody creature horror film. I had a shitty copy of it on dvd, but bought it immediately when I found the Arrow edition.



I first bought The Funhouse on dvd when I was in High School, but a few year later I saw this Arrow edition and knew I had to have it. The Funhouse is also such a fun slasher! I will definitely review it in my blog.


I knew nothing about Island of Death when I ordered the Arrow edition, but it is pretty nasty and fun to watch.


I first saw Slaughter High in High School and I found it weirdly disturbing mostly because of how sorry I felt for Marty. This movie stayed in y head for many years and then I found the Arrow edition and ordered it immediatly. I always watch this at least once a year!

If you want to see more of my collection, follow me on instagram under the name sarahsmoviecollection


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