Saw and my thoughts about Saw Legacy

hand1So we thought that Saw 3D: The Final Chapter would be The Final Chapter of the series, but no. Next year we will get the eight Saw movie and with it comes questions and thoughts. As a whole I like the Saw movies, especially the screenplay for every movie.

The Saw series went from being very mysterious about who this Jigsaw character is to just expecting jawdropping twists with gorier and gorier traps. The Saw films helped create a new sub genre, Torture Porn and a more creative way of writing screenplays for modern horror films.

We have also seen a lot of Saw rip-offs, mostly really badly done and I have to admit I even wrote a screenplay when I was 15 that is such a rip-off except for the ending and motivation, that I really need to re-write that script.

What are my thoughts and hopes about Saw Legacy?

I really hope that they go back to the roots for the new one and make it look raw and dirty and not so clean and digital. The first one had a special creepy feeling to it and I really hope that Saw: Legacy will bring back that feeling that first got me hooked to the series.

I still hope that they will involve Jigsaw in this one and have more flashbacks with him, because he is such an intriguing character that everytime he is seen on the screen I am just mezmerized.

I am also struggling with if it is a good idea to have another accomplice be revealed? Because it seems so predictable that Jigsaw would have another one, so I hope that there aren’t any more accomplices.

Ofcourse I am hoping for great traps, but they don’t have to be so many. It could be fewer but better thoughthrough and really nasty. I am looking forward to watching Saw Legacy becuase of just getting to know in what possible direction they will chose to go with.



6 thoughts on “Saw and my thoughts about Saw Legacy

  1. My favorites were the first 2 films. Story wise I think they were the most interesting. They MUST have Tobin Bell return for the 8th or it will be too much of a disappointment to the Saw fans.


  2. If they have certain souls still in this one and basing so off of said ending of 7, then I could easily see them bringing back the brilliant Tobin Bell to reprise his role as Jigsaw in flashbacks.

    I am hoping they will find a way to reinvigorate the franchise and I agree, no clean look. SAW is a gritty film, it needs to feel dirty.

    Cheers! ^_^


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