Saw VI (2009)

sexan1I really like the set up in Saw VI, where a man is forced through a maze of traps before reaching his final destination and final test.

Saw VI: Agent Strahm is dead, and FBI agent Erickson draws nearer to Hoffman. Meanwhile, a pair of insurance executives find themselves in another game set by jigsaw.

Saw VI’s opening is great with two people up against eachother and the one that can cut of the most flesh in a certain amount of time wins. I like that opening because it is intense from the beginning and the film never loses that intensity.

The carousel trap is pretty great, probably my favorite in the film and the script is very solid. We get even more background story that fills in some gaps and questions. The final test is also very good and clever. The gore scenes are great and very creative.

Grading: 8 out of 10.


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