Sheep Skin 2013

sheep1.jpgWow the poster for Sheep Skin really got me wanting to see the movie. I really need to buy some new and cool posters by the way.

Sheep Skin: A group of punk rockers kidnap a business man because they believe he is a werewolf.

I really like watching low budget indiemovie because you can see how creative filmmakers can be when dealing with a limited budget.

Some scenes where a bit drawn out which slowed the pace down a bit, but the first thirty minutes were kind of mysterious and intriguing. The dialogue is good and kept me interested and guessing throughout the movie.

I really enjoyed the ending and it did have a few gory moments worth watching. I always appreciate a movie that brings out a chainsaw in the end. Chainsaw FTW!

Grading:  7 out of 10.



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