Curse II: The Bite 1989

the biteI am a big fan of snake movies, but most of them are pretty awful because of the use of really bad CGI, but the older snake movies tend to be a lot better, like Curse II: The Bite!

Curse II The Bite: After a young man is bitten on the hand by a radioactive snake, his hand changes into a lethal snake head, which attacks everyone he comes into contact with. Also, his body becomes filled with snakes. Now, he must prevent himself from hurting others.

The story is really interesting, but the part that really got me was the make-up and transformation scenes that were done very well. It is also a bit moving because of the relationship between the two main characters and how they are affected by the change. If you like snake movies or creature movies, I strongly recomend Curse II: The Bite.


Grading: 8 out of 10.

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