Loon 2014

Loon: Follows a brother and sister on their journey to uncover the mystery of an old abandoned carnival attraction and the maniac that supposedly thrives within.

Loon was the first movie that we reviewed for Bitches of Horror Episode 1. I had read about it in an issue of Rue Morgloon1.jpgue and I was very intrigued by the article, so I suggested that we should see Loon with our horror group…that was a very stupid suggestion though.

The main problem with Loon is that it is simply  too long, it would have worked better as a shortfilm, because it feels too dragged out and not as effective as it want to be.

Another big issued with Loon is the editing. As soon as one character said anything, they cut to the next person saying something and then back and forth again throughout the movie, my neck actually hurt from having to move my head so much.

It had good potental and a very good koncept. I did enjoy the clown mask, but it is such a shame that the execution was not as good as the premise.


Grading: 1 out of 10.

You can watch the movie on youtube.

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